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Levothyroxine (Generic Synthroid)

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Synthroid (Levothyroxine)

Synthroid (based on the active chemical Levothyroxine) stands for an artificial replacement for a hormone usually produced by thyroid gland in order to balance metabolism process in a body. The preparation is given to individuals whose thyroid gland produces not enough of particular hormone.

What can Synthroid do for you?

Commonly Synthroid is assigned to adults who get such disorder as hypothyroidism (a thyroid gland produces a decreased thyroid hormone level). In few cases the medicament is additionally assigned to individuals coming through goiter (enlarged thyroid gland syndrome) triggered by such conditions as hormone imbalances, radiation & cancer.

It’s a myth that Synthroid might be effectual as an anti-obesity agent. Don’t use it to fix obese issues.

Synthroid is also frequently applied to cure hypothyroidism. Synthetic Synthroid substitutes the natural hormones of thyroid gland and is chemically identical to the one produced in the human thyroid gland. As the outcome, it is proved to be an effectual remedy & replacement of thyroid hormones.

Daily dosing rules of Synthroid

Take the medicine in compliance with therapist’s guidelines about dosing & application conditions. Synthroid pills avert dehydration. Swallow a capsule with a full glass of water.

Apply the drug on an empty stomach, at least 30 mins before a meal. It’s preferably to take Synthroid pills in the early morning on a daily basis.

For treating mild forms of hypothyroidism, apply Synthroid of 1.7 mcg/kg or 100-125mcg per 24 hrs. Never exceed the maximum dose of 300 mcg per 24 hrs.

Adverse reactions of Synthroid pills

Synthroid is practically a harmless medication for all age groups. There’re just few medical conditions that may avert a therapist from prescribing this medical preparation, they are as follows: a heart attack history, anemia, coronary disorder, blood clots, diabetes, the thyroid disorder as thyrotoxicosis, and any adrenal gland issuesthat should never be controlled by medical preparations.

Synthroid is referred to the A category in compliance with FDA pregnancy categories. In case you’re expecting a baby or breast-feeding, you are permitted to apply the medicine. 

Avoid applying the excessive drug amount since overdose may cause: pains in chest, convulsions, irregular heart beating, diarrhea, difficulties in breathing, cramps in legs and vomiting.

Ask a medical assistance if you’ve any of Synthroid adverse reactions:

  • Harsh headache;
  • Insomnia & various sleep discharges;
  • Nervous feeling;
  • Sweating or fever;
  • Menstrual issues;
  • Loss of appetite or immediate weight gain.

Be careful when beginning to use the medicine. Discuss all risks of Synthroid therapy with a treating therapist.

Don’t consume the following food products while applying Synthroid: soy, cotton seed, walnuts & high-fiber meals.

You may require applying the medication during whole lifetime. Also bear in mind that the long-lasting usage of Synthroid may trigger osteoporosis (bone loss).  Also warn your dentist if you are taking Synthroid on a regular basis.

Uncommon facts about the use of Synthroid

Synthroid is the world’s number-one trademark pillapplied for over 50 years as the therapy of hypothyroidism in adults and kids. Apply Synthroid to substitute for the therapy of thyroid hormone deficiency & goiter (enlarged thyroid gland).

Additionally, you may use Synthroid to avoid the return of thyroid cancer. In fact, Synthroid is different from the natural thyroid hormone and it works better.

Health benefits of Synthroid:

  • There’re virtually no side consequences as you apply Synthroid pills;
  • One of main reasons to use Synthroid showed by customers is enhanced energy in lungs;
  • You may apply Synthroid since it helps individuals to focus;
  • Synthroid additionally improves the immune system, hair&skin;
  • It is not dangerous to apply for any age range & when expecting a baby.