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Ivermectin (Generic Stromectol)

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Stromectol (Ivermectin)

Ivermectin is an antiparasitic drug that was first used in veterinary medicine in 1975 when they used it for heartworm treatment and acariasis.

The drug works because it paralyzes and kills the parasites. This drug falls under the class of drugs known as anthelmintics.

While some believe that this drug may help with COVID-19, they do not recommend anyone take it unless they enroll in a study with it.

This drug can treat a broad spectrum of parasitic issues, such as head lice, ascariasis, trichuriasis, strongyloidiasis, and enterobiasis. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increased interest in the use of Ivermectin.

Currently, no data shows it as effective against COVID-19, however.


Ivermectin treats certain types of roundworm. For people with a weakened immune system, curing roundworms can reduce the risk of a severe infection that can even prove fatal in some cases. People will sometimes use Ivermectin to treat rosacea and head lice.

The FDA has approved it for these uses, but you may want to check with your doctor to see all that it can do. Tell your doctor immediately if you see your condition worsening.


You need to take this medication orally with a full glass of water on an empty stomach. Take it at least 1 hour before the meal. Follow the instructions of your doctor on how to take Ivermectin since they may give you specific instructions.

The dosage varies depending on a few factors, such as medical condition, weight, and response to treatment. Every patient will get a different dosage.

Do not change your dosage unless your doctor tells you to. If you happen to miss a dosage of this medication, take it as soon as possible unless close to the time for your next dose.

If that’s the case, skip the dose and return to your normal schedule to prevent overdosing.

Side Effects

You have a couple of side effects to be aware of. Some of the side effects would include:

  • Muscle pains
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Headaches

If you’re experiencing extreme dizziness, get up slowly when you get up from either sitting or lying down since this will help.

Serious Side Effects

You should tell your doctor right away if you experience any of the following side effects because they can quickly become very serious.

These are the side effects to watch out for:

  • Seizures
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Swelling (face, feet, hands, arms)
  • Chest pain
  • Back pain
  • Confusion
  • Drowsiness
  • Loss of consciousness

In some cases, you could have a serious allergic reaction, but it is extremely rare to encounter.


You should beware of use with this drug because it can cause deadly brain problems for those who have the Loa loa infection.

Tell your doctor in advance if you visited Central or West Africa. If, while taking Ivermectin, you experience neck pain, back pain, red eyes, confusion, trouble standing, trouble walking, shortness of breath, or confusion, call 911 immediately.

This drug also has the potential to cause eye problems. Many doctors believe that it has to do with inflammatory and allergic reactions to the drug. Worse, it can be difficult to spot because the symptoms may look similar to your parasitic infection.

Things that may be a warning sign of it include changes in vision, swelling, pain, and redness.

The final warning that you should be aware of is that this drug also has the potential to cause skin problems.

For example, it can trigger inflammatory and allergic reactions. In many cases, the symptoms of the skin problems will look like the infection.

Speak with your doctor if you experience hives, severe itching or swelling.

Should You Go with the Generic Version of Stromectol?

You can get Ivermectin as a tablet, topical cream, or topical lotion. The generic version of this drug does the same thing as Stromectol, but it costs you less than the brand name. The FDA has approved both, and they are not believed to be much different from each other.


Doctors prescribe Ivermectin as a way to treat parasites in the intestinal tracts, eyes, and skin. It works because it binds to parts inside the parasites.

At the same time, it can stop adult parasites from creating larvae, which can worsen your infection. It was first discovered in 1975 and used for veterinary medicine, but they use it for humans today as well.

Consult with your doctor to learn more about whether this would be the right treatment plan for you.


What Organs Can Ivermectin Damage?

Ivermectin, unfortunately, can be an incredibly toxic drug. One of the biggest organs that it can damage is the liver. Many cases exist of people who took Ivermectin and experienced either liver problems, or they experienced liver failure. When it does cause liver damage, these have normally been rare cases.

What Happens if I Take Ivermectin with Food?

You want to avoid taking Ivermectin with food because it can increase your risk of experiencing side effects. For that reason, you would swallow the tablet with water on an empty stomach.

Can Ivermectin Cause Paralysis?

Ivermectin has the potential to cause a number of serious side effects including paralysis. You may experience coma or even death in rare cases.