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Eugene was admitted to Curahealth Hospital from Washington Hospital in January of 2017. His breathing was supported by a ventilator. He was artificially fed through a feeding tube. His overall condition was good but he needed aggressive physical therapy and ventilator weaning. Eugene was consulted by a variety of medical specialties. His pulmonologist took charge of his respiratory status and instructed the respiratory therapists daily on his weaning process. Eugene had developed breaks in his skin integrity. Our wound care team developed a plan of care to heal his wounds.

Eugene was deaf. The nursing staff communicated with him through sign language or written notes to assist him with his daily needs. He used texting and Facetime to communicate with his family and friends. Physical therapy began at his bedside and progressed to the gym. He had limited strength as he began with upper and lower extremity weight lifting. Eugene was able to ambulate 260 feet with a walker by the time of his discharge. Speech therapy stimulated his facial muscles and helped him with exercises that allowed him to eat solid food. His feeding tube was discontinued.

Eugene successfully weaned to only minor settings on the ventilator as he was discharged to Health South in Morgantown in early February. His family was a constant support and were advocates for his recovery. Our staff is confident that Eugene will make a full recovery and return home to his family.

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Eugene Miller

Patient, Pittsburgh Curahealth Location

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